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IT contractor for a number of years

"I had worked as an IT contractor for a number of years and then all things considered as chief innovation officer for a large Irish company. Part of my role was to hire contractors occasionally for projects.

The company is how based in its own office at the Rubicon Centre, the business incubation centre that's located on the campus of Cork Institute of Innovation.

"We as well have people across the broad spectrum of IT careers just as business analysts, user experience specialists, business analysts, project managers and database administrators.

Great number of systems people

"We do not have a great number of systems people and testers at present so we need to spread the word to anyone looking for contract work in those areas, just as system administrators and network and security specialists, adds Logan.He says that social media sites just as Twitter and LinkedIn have been important in terms of communicating with the IT contractor community. Nevertheless, he says that the most successful method for the company has been meeting and speaking with contractors.

"Developing a semantic search engine and a web reputation system were considerable tasks to undertake. Like all start-ups, I think the biggest challenge is finding yourself multitasking on a daily, otherwise hourly, basis," he says.For other emerging start-ups, Logan says they should prioritise getting clients over business plans, as so then as keeping on top of costs."Market technology and engagement with users/clients is critical. Speaking with your potential clients as early as possible is the only way you can shape your offering. As well, make full use of all the supports and mentors on offer," he adds.

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