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Just Energy Independence or Clean Energy Self-Reliance?

Our newfound natural gas bounty can give us long-term access to cheap, cleaner energy and, combined with advances in robotics and software, is already bringing blue-collar manufacturing back to America. Web-enabled cellphones and tablets are creating vast new possibilities to bring high-quality, low-cost education to every community college and public school so people can afford to acquire the skills to learn 21st-century jobs. Cloud computing is giving anyone with a creative spark cheap, powerful tools to start a company with very little money. And dramatically low interest rates mean we can borrow to build new infrastructure - and make money.  [emphasis mine]

Fan of Thomas Friedman

I'm usually a fan of Thomas Friedman. He's got an everyman way of writing about big issues, with a passion for practicality, especially when it comes to rebuilding America. Nevertheless for a man who regularly talks of the possibility of 21st innovation, this is a very 20th Century vision.

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