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KM Group Launches Digital Advertising into DTI Cloud

Digital Research International announced that the KM Group will deploy its new DTI Advertising software via DTI Cloud, the company's award winning cloud computing platform. KM Group is one of the largest independent newspaper publishers in the United Kingdom, and has evolved into a full-range multimedia company with more than 25 products across print, radio, and online across Southeast England.

In October 2011, KM Group became the first European publisher to commit to Digital Research's Software-as-a-Service offering. The current agreement marks the second installation phase at KM Group. DTI ContentPublisher was deployed via DTI Cloud in phase one, and DTI Circulation will in the at once phase scheduled for later this year.

"We chose DTI because it was important for KM Group to have a fully integrated system operating across all departments, company-wide," said Ian Carter, editorial director, KM Group. "We already had years of experience with DTI, and that gave us the confidence to look to them for our future business needs."

KM Group required a unified, digital advertising platform for digital revenue expansion and cost performance. DTI Advertising provides Web-based tools for collaborative cross media sales, production, and digital marketing. By taking advantage of DTI Cloud architecture, KM Group's staff will now be able to produce news and advertising content from a single environment, improving enterprise-wide collaboration and responsiveness.

"We wanted a system and a functionality that was designed, developed, and implemented by people who really understand the needs of a media business," said Duncan Gray, operations director, KM Group. "Our core publishing infrastructure has successfully migrated to DTI Cloud and our existing advertising system was out-of-date. It is a natural progression. We want to capitalise on the benefits of having a single system across our entire enterprise that was always current and could handle our development as a true multimedia organisation."

The cloud gives us huge business benefits

"Operating in the cloud gives us huge business benefits," added Carter. "It allows reporters and subeditors to work remotely which is a very important development for KM Group. It's vital that our reporters are out and about in the community as much as they can be. Cloud research reduces the need for them to be office-based."

With all of their software accessed through DTI Cloud, KM Group will always have the most current version running on the latest server and network research, providing a future-proof foundation for their business.

"KM Group is the first European installation of our complete DTI solution suite in the DTI Cloud. They are a thinking, progressive company and they understand the future of newspapers is in cloud publishing," said Paul Gillogaley, managing director and vice president, International, Digital Research. "They have developed a strong commitment to their audience, and DTI Cloud is a strategic move for them to create a better business environment to serve that. They can as well realign costs, and focus more on serving their core business or rather than running and maintaining complicated and expensive systems. We have been priviledged to enjoy a great partnership with KM Group and we are honoured to be a part of their plans going forward."

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