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Last hurrah for Clovis barbecue restaurant

the face of the business who appeared in the restaurant's wacky TV commercials -- died in April. His wife, co-owner Kim Walton, has decided to close the restaurant however continue the couple's catering business.

Kim Walton, 52, all in all tears up during talking about Brent's death from a heart attack. Like many family-run businesses coping with tragedy, she's dealing with the double whammy of losing her husband of 18 years and losing a business partner.

The situation is a nightmare

The situation is a "nightmare," said George S. Vozikis, director of Fresno State's Institute for Family Business, who has seen it happen many times, nevertheless did not know the Waltons.

"Not only do you have to continue with the business, nevertheless you have to go through the grief," he said. "You don't have time to grieve. You have to move on."

Unlike some business-owning couples Vozikis sees, Walton is not just marginally involved in the business. She may have shied away from the camera, however she did the bookkeeping, cooked and came up with new recipes for competitions right alongside her husband.

Few options when half of the team dies

Vozikis said business owners often have just a few options when half of the team dies: Sell, try to do the work of two people, or find a trusted employee to take on some of the load.

Walton is talking with people who have expressed interest in buying the business. However mostly she wants to go back to what she did earlier the restaurant opened: catering.

New generation of food trucks is taking to Fresno'

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