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Masergy Acquires Broadcore to Deliver Enterprise Cloud Communications

Masergy Communications, Inc. has acquired Broadcore Communications, a leading provider of cloud communications solutions.

The acquisition will bolster Masergy's cloud services portfolio with robust cloud-based unified communications services. Masergy championed cloud-based network visibility and control for global enterprises, and recently added cloud-based services for managing web-based applications and network security. This acquisition adds a full suite of global cloud communication services including unified communications, SIP trunking, mobility solutions and custom integration to deliver hybrid solutions for enterprise customers.

"Monty Ferdowsi and his management team at Broadcore have built a successful company by transforming a traditional PBX (Private -Automatic- Branch Exchange) services business into a then and there-generation cloud communications provider," said Chris MacFarland, CEO of Masergy. "The cloud communications market possibility is expanding rapidly, and with this transaction, we can right away offer these cloud solutions to enterprises on a global basis."

Broadcore will continue to operate as it does today, however as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Masergy. The Broadcore service platform will be directly embedded into Masergy's global MPLS network platform, which was purpose-built to deliver real-time applications like Broadcore's voice, video and mobility offerings.

"With this acquisition, Broadcore will continue on as a provider of cloud communications, nevertheless with a network and parent company supporting our offerings and our clients," said Monty Ferdowsi, president of Broadcore. "Our communications platform, at the same time with Masergy's premier network, will give companies access to superior cloud-based networking and communicatios solutions."

MacFarland added, "The acquisition of Broadcore is about more than acquiring a cloud communications platform, it's about retaining a talented and experienced employee base with a proven track record and a passion for providing a superior customer experience."

Broadcore is a global provider of cloud communications services for businesses. Broadcore's solutions allow the enterprise to increase employee productivity, accelerate business processes, and improve customer care through tight integration of dispersed communications endpoints for office, mobile and call center employees. Through an extensible, highly scalable IP communications system, Broadcore offers a unified communications platform for voice, data, and mobility communications across the enterprise and multi-location businesses.

Broadcore offers lowered total cost of communications ownership by assuming the cost burdens associated with data redundancy, infrastructure expansions, research obsolescence risks, system scalability, and new feature integration and updates. By eliminating the costs associated with infrastructure and additional IT staff to maintain increasingly complex communications technologies, Broadcore allows its clients and their IT organizations to focus on their core competencies during remaining up to date with the latest communications technologies. Broadcore offers faster and easier deployment of communications capabilities within the enterprise, resulting in employee productivity and business agility with minimum interruption to business operations. Learn more at www.broadcore.com. For more information on Broadcore's cloud communications solutions, please call 1-800-942-4700.

Masergy provides managed, secure global network services to enterprises that have complex needs across multiple locations. Masergy's integrated network and software solutions enable clients to seamlessly deploy and manage unified communications on a global basis.

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Serving clients throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Masergy leverages advanced transport technologies to deliver global Ethernet services across a native MPLS network. The company pioneered customer-control network services and the delivery of multiple services over a single network connection.

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