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MessageSolution Showcases Cloud and On-Premise Enterprise Archiving and eDiscovery Platforms at ISTE 2012

via PRWEB - MessageSolution, Inc., the global research leader in enterprise archiving & eDiscovery solutions showcases its enterprise legal discovery, information archiving and migration solutions at ISTE in San Diego, California, June 25-28, 2012.

The industry's leading educators to learn

ISTE invites the industry's leading educators to learn and discover innovative ways to employ innovation within the classroom. Among the industry's brightest is MessageSolution, a provider of live archiving and eDiscovery services. They will be showcasing their on-premise and cloud solutions for all educational needs. They've helped customers ensure compliance by archiving internal and external emails. In addition, MessageSolution scales up to 30,000 users on a single server to make it convenient for administrators, staff and students to be on the same UI in accordance with a single server.

"We designed a strong on-premise solution that supports medium to enterprise sized schools, and now we can put that same technical expertise on a trusted Cloud platform without compromising any advanced features. Our cloud platform is designed for organizations of all sizes," said Global Marketing Strategist Kevin McInerney. "MessageSolution Cloud and On-Premise solutions offer our customers the flexibility to deploy and implement our solutions in ways that fit their business."

Duality of cloud environments for SME

MessageSolution offers a duality of cloud environments for SME and enterprises. MessageSolution Cloud Computing Platform can support private cloud environments or public cloud hosting, delivering compliance email SharePoint and file system archiving, legal discovery and case management support.

MSP Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Platforms: MessageSolution expanded its award-winning on-premise archiving solution to two platform based solutions for managed service providers. At ISTE 2012, MessageSolution will be showcasing its MSP Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform should the contingency arise to the Dedicated Archiving and eDiscovery Platform which combines scalability and innovation to archive and store tens of thousands of users from hundreds of companies with individual archives. The MSP Multi-Tenant Platform allows multiple companies to be archived pursuant to this agreement one configuration, during giving company administrators in accordance with separate servers the ability to access, manage and archive a single company's data. The MSP Multi-Tenant Platform is integrated with Outlook, Domino, GroupWise client seamless integrated features, providing award-winning transparent client user experiences with real-time email server storage reduction capability.

Migration: MessageSolution, Inc. has been recognized as the innovation leader in cross-platform migration across different email, file, and SharePoint environments. The migration systems offer three levels of migration - the email migration of PST,

NSF and GroupWise local files, the migration of various files to SharePoint, and the advanced migration service moves organizations from GroupWise/Domino/Linux-based servers to on-premise Microsoft Exchange as so then as Office 365 cloud environment. Just in case to moving organizations from GroupWise or Domino to Exchange, MessageSolution's signature innovation is found in combination of migration and enterprise archiving with eDiscovery.

The MessageSolution Difference During most solutions integrate with Exchange, a lot less work with Linux or Domino servers- MessageSolution integrates with all major email servers- a feat that puts their innovation at the head of the archiving industry. MessageSolution provides sub-second data retrieval, an intuitive interface with federated search capabilities, and easy deployment. MessageSolution's intelligent back-end design significantly reduces installation requirements, backup time, and the need for technical support.

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