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MetTel Adds to Growing Suite of Enterprise Wireless Solutions

 Just weeks afterwards announcing an industry-leading service that seamlessly integrates office and mobile communications, Metropolitan Telecommunications today announced two more wireless services. MetTel Mobile Device Management and MetTel Wireless Backup are available today to businesses of all sizes.

MetTel MDM is secure, cloud-based software that gives companies of all sizes the ability to secure, monitor and support smartphones, iPhones and tablets, both personal and corporate owned. Powered by AirWatch®, the global leader in mobile security, it is available across all wireless networks, operating systems and devices.

The SANS First Annual Survey on Mobile Security

According to the SANS First Annual Survey on Mobile Security, more than 60 percent of organizations today allow staff to use personal mobile devices at work. And IDC reports that smartphone penetration reached 42.5 percent year-over-year growth in the first quarter of this year.

"As mobile devices become ubiquitous and applications flood the market, mobile monitoring is a growing concern for IT managers looking to reduce support costs and business risks," said Max Silber, MetTel's director of wireless services. "Personal device ownership and usage in the enterprise, known as Bring Your Own Device, have created the need to provision mobile devices with the same controls and protections installed in business computers. Like a time machine, MetTel MDM can reset a personal mobile device to its original settings and remove all company applications and access when a device is lost or stolen, or an employee leaves a company."

The company'

Another addition to the company's wireless services portfolio is MetTel Wireless Backup, a fixed wireless solution that ensures that data traffic is automatically redirected to a secure, private wireless network when primary circuits fail. It provides IT managers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that retail employees can continue to process credit card transactions, medical professionals can share test results, and office staff can continue to send and receive emails.

"This bullet-proof back-up solution is different from what's currently available to enterprise clients in several important ways," Silber said. "We provide around-the-clock monitoring at three MetTel Network Operations Centers 24/7, 365 days a year. We automatically redirect data traffic when primary connections fail. These are private connections that do not use the public Internet. We as well allow clients to pool their data allowances across all locations so back-up capacity unused at one location can be applied toward another location hit by an outage. After all, we offer all these benefits to businesses of all sizes making the security and reliability of MetTel Wireless Backup affordable for small to mid-size companies as so then as large enterprises."

Number of nationwide options

MetTel offers a number of nationwide options and packages that make it easy for businesses to save on mobile services. The company's end-to-end mobile life cycle management includes everything from innovation alignment and rate plan optimization to device recycling. Last month, the company introduced MetTel Mobile Integration, a unified communications solution, which converges wireline and wireless phones to give employees a uniform experience inside and outside the office.

"MetTel takes a holistic approach to telecommunications services, providing clients with a simple, secure and manageable platform to integrate mobile services with IT infrastructures," said MetTel CEO Marshall Aronow.  "Our MetOne Portal is the secret sauce that brings at the same time every product and service, from every carrier for every size customer, and enables customers to manage expenditures from one simple, easy to use interface. This is unified communications at its best."

From traditional voice services to a Global MPLS Network and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies, MetTel provides a complete portfolio of services to customers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. MetTel is redefining telecommunications with extensive strategic partnerships and a powerful platform of proprietary, cloud-based software including the MetOne® Portal. Founded in 1996 and based in New York City, MetTel delivers unmatched solutions and services at competitive prices, backed up by superior, domestic-based customer service. For more information visit www.MetTel.net.

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