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Microsoft apologises for godawful song and dance routine

Wow. Just, wow. Microsoft showed off a set of updates to its Windows Azure cloud computing platform in Norway this week, and to do so it employed a troupe of dancing girls for a high NRG song and dance routine, GeekWire reports. The video afterwards the break has to be one of the most cringeworthy attempts at corporate entertainment ever seen.

Last night Frank Shaw, lead corporate communications for Microsoft, tweeted: "This routine had vulgar language, was inappropriate and was just not ok. We apologize to our clients and partners." 

It's not the first time Microsoft has brought out dancing girls at an event. Back at Mobile World Congress in February it sent out invites for a burlesque party to show off its Windows Phone operating system. So this kind of thing is a seedy underside to the male-dominated world of tech.

More information: Cnet.co
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