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Microsoft's Secret Strategy

Ok - this is 100% speculative, and might not be even feasible, however here's my thought on what MS could do in future iterations of Windows:

Combination of WinRT + Win32 to make sure that WinRT

It's pretty obvious that MS made Windows 8 a combination of WinRT + Win32 to make sure that WinRT would sell in massive quantity. With that being the case, MS is banking on the fact that with such a broad distribution, developers will develop for RT to such a degree that they will never have a mobile app shortage again.

Many people say that Desktop is going the way of DOS and MS will be looking to distance itself from that furthermore and furthermore over time. But, what if they decide that for W9 that they have 3 distinct versions: Windows 9, Windows 9 RT, and Windows Phone 9. They could theoretically split up RT and desktop in the newer release, knowing that they have trojan-horsed developers into creating a vibrant mobile ecosystem, while at the time also being able to unify paradigmatic devices by segregating the tablet OS from the desktop OS.

They would get the best of both worlds from this: The tech media would laud it as a more coherent OS. Consumers would find it simpler to understand the 3 separate device categories. The issue of apps would never be raised again because they will have all 3 versions of Windows 9 running on NT, and will be able to reuse the multitude of W8/WP8 apps that will get created.

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