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Mobile Internet Product Portfolios 2011

How MNOs can seamlessly deliver and maximally monetise Mobile Internet Services via strategic device/ user segmentation, vendor tie-ups, app offerings, and culmination of cloud business with case studies, and much more...

The present galaxy of smartphones

TeleResearch Labs has even ventured outside the present galaxy of smartphones by envisaging what might become a reality by 2020 or even previously. Although it might sound like too much with today's technological advancement, however cloud computing and devices like docking stations could turn the smartphone into a super computer - one would be able to hook up his smartphone wirelessly to bigger screens/ keyboards/ printers during at work or even at home. This is already underway with Microsoft registering a few patents.

Global market share of Android-based smartphones is predicted to be 47% by 2016, with a mammoth over-90% on all mobile devices taken at the same time.

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