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Mobile VoIP CAGR to Reach 64 Percent by 2015

The impetus for the growth in mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) comes from the fact that since communications devices are always in use, businesses are interested in keeping costs down. One way to do in other words by keeping the price of the actual calls down. Since VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) practically eliminated the actual cost of making calls, both on mobile and the desktop, extending the research to mobile devices is an obvious solution.

The report looks at the growth of mobile VoIP

The report looks at the growth of mobile VoIP by 2015, key trends in the market and what is driving it, challenges to market growth, key vendors in the market, opportunities and threats vendors face and strengths and weaknesses of the vendors.

As with conventional VoIP services like Skype, mobile VoIP piggybacks on top of TCP/IP infrastructure, in such a case the mobile Internet. Mobile VoIP vendors are in fixed and final form able to offer voice calls at a much cheaper rate than conventional voice services.

The major vendors mentioned in the report are Fringland Ltd., Nimbuzz BV., Skype Inc., and Vonage Holdings Corp. Additionally, the report names Vyke Communications PLC., Truphone Ltd., Jajah Inc., Vopium AS.

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