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More Virtuous Examination of the Big Data Construct

Chairing the commission will be Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive at IBM and Steve Lucas, Global Executive Vice President and General Manager, Database & Innovation at SAP. Serving as vice chairs of the commission are Teresa Carlson, Vice President Global Public Sector, Amazon Web Services and Bill Perlowitz, Chief Research Officer, Science, Innovation and Engineering Group, Wyle.

The innovation community

Big Data is a hot topic for the innovation community and is becoming a focal point for government with the Administration recently announcing a $200 Million Big Data Innovation and Development Initiative.

"We are entering a new era of computing where information is growing at a record pace.  The winners and losers will be those who can innovate faster based on strategic insights drawn from the variety and velocity of new forms of big data being generated every day," said Steve Mills. "By gaining deeper insights into this vast new natural resource, the opportunities to accelerate the pace of discovery in science and engineering and develop information-intensive curriculum is unlimited."

The world's data is doubling every 18 months

"The world's data is doubling every 18 months, presenting government and industry with new opportunities to transform information into insight," said  Steve Lucas. "New database technologies and applications, coupled with real time analysis of big data, will help business and government run better and ultimately improve the so then-being of clients and citizens.  By bringing private sector technology to the public sector, the Big Data Commission will help leaders address some of the biggest questions facing government today."

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Bob Gourley, former CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is Founder and CTO of Crucial Point LLC, a research research and advisory firm providing fact based research reviews in support of venture capital, private equity and emerging research firms. He has extensive industry experience in intelligence and security and was awarded an intelligence community meritorious achievement award by AFCEA in 2008, and has as well been recognized as an Infoworld Top 25 CTO and as one of the most fascinating communicators in Government IT by GovFresh.

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