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NetApp and Cisco name Long View as key FlexPod Premium Partner in North America

“Only a select few IT solutions companies across North America have achieved FlexPod Premium Partner designation — and from that short list, Long View is the only such partner with coverage and capability in both Canada and the United States,” notes Kent MacDonald, Long View’s Vice-President of Business Development.

FlexPod, a pretested and validated solution, combines networking, computing, and storage in a shared infrastructure, during supporting multiple applications and workloads, to help clients accelerate and simplify their transition to the Cloud. As a FlexPod Premium Partner, Long View has been recognized for its advanced competencies, and has passed all certification requirements in deploying FlexPod solutions for clients as a trusted advisor.

The shared infrastructure of NetApp

The shared infrastructure of NetApp and Cisco’s FlexPod has been successfully pretested to curtail deployment risk, boost data center efficiencies, and create a flexible information research environment to build a private Cloud. FlexPod scales easily, can be optimized for a variety of mixed application workloads, and can be configured for virtual desktop or server infrastructure, secure multi-tenancy, or Cloud environments.

FlexPod is built on NetApp unified storage systems and infrastructure software elements, delivering an ideal virtualized data center solution and Cisco UCS™ servers, and Cisco network switches.

ABOUT LONG VIEW SYSTEMS: With more than 1000 employees, including over 700 technical consultants, in offices across the continent, Long View is one of the most powerful IT solutions and services companies in North America. With a clear focus on combining business and research in key areas just as Cloud, data center infrastructure, user support, and IT outsourcing, Long View is able to customize and define what the future of IT looks like. Innovative, flexible, cost-effective, and business focused . . . that’s Long View.

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