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Netcomm Wireless Lauded in the Australian Business Awards 2012

NetComm Wireless has long been a byword for research. Now it's official, with NetComm Wireless Limited taking out top honours in The Australian Business Awards 2012 in two categories: The Australian Business Award for Research and the Australian Business Award for Product Research.

The awards exactly recognise NetComm Wireless'

The awards exactly recognise NetComm Wireless' achievements in both business and product research. Since its establishment in 1982 by a small team that engineered Australia's very first modem, NetComm Wireless has played a pioneering role in the development of innovative first-to-market broadband technologies for consumer, business and industrial markets globally and is today recognised as one of the world's most innovative companies.

NetComm Wireless won the Australian Business Award for Product Technology for its ADSL2+ Wireless N300 Modem Router with Gigabit WAN, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and USB host - the first, and only, fully featured 4G USB modem router in Australia. The NB16WV provides a future-proof central connection point for all online activities, and is designed to support emerging technologies and network upgrades. As so then as simultaneously connecting multiple devices to Telstra's 4G network, the innovative NB16WV caters to today's communication needs during also connecting Australian homes and businesses to future fibre networks when available.

The prestigious

The prestigious and comprehensive awards program, established in 2005, engages with leading corporate, government and non-profit organisations across key industry segments, including financial, manufacturing, professional services, energy, telecommunications, construction, transport, healthcare, education, food services and retail.

Entries are assessed using specific criteria via an established set of business and product award categories, benchmarking the full spectrum of organisational performance and product management to identify the industry leaders for each award category and industry classification. The awards raise the bar across all aspects of quality management and provide organisations with ways to review their business performance and identify their core strengths.

"Our strategic direction has been shaped by a firm commitment to technology which is at the core of everything we do. We are thrilled to have won the esteemed Australian Business Award for research in both the business and product categories this year, and will build on this recognition to ensure the continued delivery of highly advanced wireless technologies for diverse markets," said Mr Stewart.

Congratulating NetComm Wireless, Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director, The Australian Business Awards said: "These types of accolades don't come easily - they are underpinned by vision and leadership, both of which require a clear dedication to innovation and development.

Challenging business environment locally

"In spite of a challenging business environment locally and abroad, this year's participants in The Australian Business Awards remain steadfast in their commitment to technology and excellence," Ms Johnston said.

"We're proud to promote the models of business and product excellence to boot to highlighting contributions to the community and sustainability initiatives with these leading organisations and to openly honour their achievements.

"There was unique breadth and depth in this year's entries, highlighting the economic stability of Australia and stamping it as the 'clever country' for progressive projects, investment, enterprise ventures and workplace practices. Across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, the 2012 winners of The Australian Business Awards are innovative, agile and actually 'best in class'."

NetComm Wireless Limited is a leading developer of innovative broadband products sold globally to major telecommunications carriers, core network providers and system integrators. For 30 years NetComm has developed a portfolio of world first data communication products, and is arespected global providerof 3G and 4G wireless devices servicing the major telecommunications carrier, Machine-to-Machine and Rural Broadband markets. NetComm's products are designed to meet the growing needs of today's data-intensive home, business and industrial broadband applications and customized to optimize performance in line with global network advancements. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, NetComm has offices in New Zealand, North America and the Middle East. For more information about NetComm visit: www.netcommwireless.com

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