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New Recruitment Site Allows Employers to Hire and Fire in the Cloud

A recent report highlighted that up to 35% of companies are now considering cloud computing when making the decision to outsource. Many organizations are as well making the shift to outsourcing in low wage countries where it’s possible to hire staff for as little $3 an hour.(PRWEB) July 03, 2012

As Dr Rob Rawson, CEO and co-founder of Staff.com explains, “cloud computing means businesses can use staff in low-wage countries for accounting, customer relations and back-office services.”

“In the global marketplace businesses can’t escape the round-the-clock demand for real time support and interaction, which is why outsourcing is no brainer... especially when you consider that it’s now possible to hire staff in the Philippines for as little as $3 to $4 an hour.”

In one of the most comprehensive reports in outsourcing in Australia, near all participants agreed that "outsourcing general results in improved efficiency, improved service and lower costs.” Additional benefits came "not from merely transferring business processes, however from transforming them" as old businesses processes are moved from internal system to the cloud.

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