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No bail for Kruger Park staff

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US fans of the Olympics will be tracking the summer games on multiple screens, turning to tablets and smartphones for news, survey results show.

Marli says... The voter has spoken. They are all happy the way things are so as long as YOU don't have to be in a state/ public school or hospital why worry about the poor, weak and those who have to use the system. Go and visit a farm and look at how all the animals live. At that time visit the pigsty and see how they live, eat and behave. Once you have done this visit most rural areas of SA and see how the poor live and see how their lives and wealth have been uplifted. Compare that with life in JHB or CT. Then in short you will understand that the ruling party will remain in power for anyway another 50 years because their plans have not but reached everybody on grass root level. What will all the research and academic knowledge in medicine help if they do not comprehend the basics of application and operational management? So in the long run, come to terms with how things are in SA and accept that this is the best that you will ever see or get. It will not improve. So, be happy about the cost of living, your salary, the interest rate level, your bank costs, your mortgage, the price of electricity and in the end your boss at work. Read the article...

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