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Nokia N810 Portable Internet Tablet

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet RX-44 - Works with AT&T; and T Mobile service only. WiFi Internet Tablet with Linux Internet Tablet OS, Integrated slide Qwerty keypad, GPS, ALS to control back light, micro USB OTG, 2GB internal flash memory, single mini SC card reader, preloaded maps. 802.11b/g, BT 2.0, 3.5mm audio out, stereo speakers, OMAP 2420, RSS feed reader, Internet calling with Web cam, Instant Messaging, emailUpdating the popular N800, Nokia has made significant improvements on its predecessor with the N810 Internet Tablet during retaining much of what made the N800 such an easy-to-use mobile multimedia/communications device. The N810 augments the onscreen keyboard with a backlit, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and it as well adds a front-facing webcam, 2 GB of internal storage, and integrated GPS. Built to be constantly in use, you'll easily stay in touch with business associates, friends, and family thanks to its VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling, instant messaging and email connectivity. And with stereo audio, multimedia support and a new ergonomic design, the Nokia N800 morphs into a portable Internet entertainment device, enabling playback of streamed and downloaded content wherever you roam.

For multimedia playback, the N800 is compatible with MP3 and WMA digital audio files, Real Audio streams, and video files encoded as AVI or MPEG4. The N810 has two integrated speakers as so then as a 3.5mm headphone jack for personal listening.

The main form of connectivity is Wi-Fi

The main form of connectivity is Wi-Fi, and hooking up to a network is as simple as connecting with a laptop. You can as well use the integrated Bluetooth wireless connectivity to hook up with a cell phone in other words compatible with online data services. When connected to either a WLAN network or to a cell phone, you can make calls using the built-in Internet telephony application as then as conduct video conferencing with the built-in Web cam.

Universal Plug and Play Universal Plug and Play innovation means that the Nokia N810 will discover, interact with, and control other compatible home electronic devices. This includes PCs, media centers, home entertainment systems, new smart appliances, home automation systems, networked peripherals, and Web-based services. With compatible equipment, you can stream video from your Nokia device directly to your TV, or hear music tracks stored on your PC through your living room's sound system.

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