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Opscode Announces Integration with Google Compute Engine

Opscode, the leader in cloud infrastructure automation, today announced that Opscode OpenSourceChef, HostedChef and PrivateChef solutions provide full integration with Google Compute Engine, delivering full stack infrastructure automation from server provisioning and configuration management to continuous delivery of infrastructure and applications. Leveraging Opscode's knifeplugin for Google Compute Engine, businesses of all sizes can rapidly create, bootstrap and manage Google cloud resources.

Highly reliable

Google Compute Engine provides a highly reliable, open, cost-effective compute infrastructure that enables any developer or business to run large scale computing workloads on the same infrastructure that runs Google search, Gmail, and ads. Google's world-class data centers and infrastructure research provide in a class by itself performance and value, and its architecture is optimized for predictability, scalability, security, and flexibility.

"In order to help our clients get the most out of our cloud platform products," explains Shailesh Rao, Director of New Products and Solutions for Google Enterprise, "we have worked closely with research partners to integrate complementary offerings and with services firms to enable them to build powerful new cloud-based solutions that help clients accelerate their success and technology."

Opscode's pioneering software, Chef, is an open-source systems integration framework built exactly for automating the cloud. No matter how complex the realities of business, Chef makes it easy to deploy servers and scale applications throughout an entire infrastructure. Through a combination of configuration management and service-oriented architectures, Chef, HostedChef and PrivateChef make it easy to create an elegant, fully automated infrastructure during simplifying systems management.

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