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Powerful tablet with Jelly Bean ready for shipping

Google Nexus 7 shipping has already begun. It is a small nevertheless very powerful tablet that comes loaded with Jelly Bean, latest Android firmware

Google has just started shipping its much-awaited Nexus 7 tablet in many key markets. The tablet has grabbed attention of large number of clients. Most retailers that sell the tablet in the U.S. and U.K have run out of stocks in hours afterwards beginning sales. Google will before long push more units of the tablet to the retailers. Nexus 7 has mainly grabbed fame for some great elements just as a lower price, quad core processor and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The Mountain View firm has made its foray into the tablet market afterwards the success of its Nexus series of handsets. Now, alongside its recent Galaxy Nexus phone, the company has Nexus 7 in stores. Taiwan tech company Asus has built the tablet for Google as Samsung produced the Galaxy Nexus. In actual fact, there has been a talk about an official Android tablet from Google for a during. The company has now realized the product, which will defy Amazon's Kindle Fire, Apple iPad and other tablet in market.

HardwareNexus 7 is a tiny and lightweight tablet PC. The rear panel of the machine is properly contoured and it has no physical buttons on the front panel. The Google tablet is so portable that you can easily put it inside your jacket pocket or your handbag. Going by features, the Nexus tablet has phone capabilities and voice control. For network connectivity, you have Wi-Fi. But, it is not shown off by Google as a smartphone rival.

The tablet with plastic

Asus has manufactured the tablet with plastic. The non touch-sensitive bezel of the tablet takes a larger proportion of the display compared to Apple's iPad and other leading tablets. By all means, Nexus 7 boasts of good build quality. And thanks to a weight of 340 grams, the tablet is much friendly for portable use. You can easily fit it into to your pocket. So you won't feel the burden of carrying a tablet with the Nexus 7.

Display and cameraNexus 7 sports a 1280 x 800 pixel display that has 216 pixels per inch. Compared with the first two versions of iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire, Google's tablet has a better display. Nevertheless, it falls short to the new iPad, which mounts an advanced Retina Display for high clarity. The tablet doesn't have a rear camera for capturing images and videos. Google seems to have on purpose skipped the camera as few people use camera of a tablet for taking images and videos. The front facing camera will help you make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls and video0 conferences.

FirmwareGoogle's latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version is the major attraction of Nexus 7. Google publicized the firmware update at its developer conference late last month. Jelly Bean is an advanced version of Ice Cream Sandwich and it will add many dazzling features to the Android ecosystem. You will have some specialized features like Google Now, Project Butter (to increase the processor performance of gadgets, Android Beam (an NFC-based data sharing service and much more. Nexus 7 is slated to debut the Android update.

Powerful battery inside the tablet

Battery lifeAsus has placed a powerful battery inside the tablet. It can power up the tablet up to 9.5 hours. It is but another brilliant feature of the tablet, which you can immensely depend for computing while a trip. It is a great thing to get battery life up to 10 hours. Users can watch movies, surf web and prepare documents using the tablet with no worry while their journeys.

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