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Rackspace embraces ARM in latest OpenStack move

“This is a new zone, data center, powered by ARM,” said Mark Collier, VP of marketing and business development for Rackspace. The facility uses Hewlett-Packard servers packed with Calxeda low-power “cell phone” chips. This is the first implementation of an ARM-based OpenStack cloud, he noted. Canonical has done a lot of work to make sure that OpenStack runs so then on these new chips.

The news comes at OSCON

The news comes at OSCON, which is shaping up to be a birthday bash for the two-year-old OpenStack project and a coming-out party for a bunch of news. MorphLabs on Tuesday announced the mCloud Helix cloud — what it calls a compact, energy-efficient OpenStack cloud running fast SSD storage — no need for pricey SANs! — and integrated ZFS. This configuration was built and tested on Dell PowerEdge C servers.

More information: Gigaom
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