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Rebel Networks to Launch Business Cloud Box

Rebel Networks, www.rebelnetworks.com the Toronto, Ontario based subsidiary of American Diversified Holdings Corporation cloud computing provider today announced that it plans to enhance its cloud based application offering to the small and medium size companies. The Company has developed Business Cloud Box, which will enable small businesses to manage all their cloud products into a seamless single control panel.

Rebel Networks as well stated that this is part of the cloud computing plan that has been in works for some time. Domenic Macchione, President and CEO, stated - "Rebel Networks can take numerous cloud services and bundle and unbundle them as per customer requirements." Rebel Networks will be positioning itself as a vendor for small and medium business to enter into the cloud space with custom tailored solutions.

Domenic Macchione, as well stated, "Image clients today are trying to manage all sorts of cloud services just as email, web portals, BlackBerry, mobile apps, storage, etc. from multiple vendors with multiple passwords and logins. Now Business Cloud Box can seamlessly integrate these cloud services into a single control panel and the customer can select which elements they need and create custom bundles of services to match their requirements."

More information: Msnbc.msn
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