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REDCOM Debuts the SLICE® 2100? Micro

REDCOM® Laboratories, Inc., manufacturer of innovative telecommunications systems, unveiled today the newest member of the SLICE® family of products, the SLICE® 2100™ Micro.

The SLICE 2100 Micro packs the communications power of REDCOM's SLICE 2100 into a box as small as a hardcover book. Powered by REDCOM's TRANSip® VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) research suite at the same time with an integrated Media Gateway, Media Gateway Controller, SIP Call Controller, and legacy support, the SLICE 2100 Micro provides maximum interoperability in an in the extreme compact package.

Easily transportable for tactical communications and powerful enough for strategic applications, the SLICE 2100 Micro offers a complete converged communications solution in a very small package. It is ideal for essential portable applications just as deployment to military communication shelters, remote encampments and tent cities. When packaged in its ruggedized carrying case, the SLICE 2100 Micro on the whole fits in the overhead compartments of small commercial aircraft.

Recently REDCOM as well announced that the HDX and SLICE family of products Version 4.0 have been placed on the Unified Capabilities Approved Products List and certified for use as Local Session Controller by the Defense Information Systems Agency Unified Capabilities Certification Office. Warfighters on today's modern battlefield can be confident that their calls will get through, backed by the reliability and extensive interoperability of REDCOM products operating in a Joint environment.

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