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Report Shows Increased Popularity of Mobile VoIP

Visiongain has put at the same time a new report which the company claims shows that more and more people are using mobile Voice over Internet Protocol. The company claims that there are a couple of specific reasons for this recent uptick with the main one being that regular VoIP is as well continuing to see a resurgence afterwards almost being left for dead just a few years ago.

The number of devices that now support it

There as well seems to be more interest in mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) because of the number of devices that now support it and increasingly high wireless contracts are helping as then. More iPhone and Android users are turning to mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services whenever they can instead of using their 3G or 4G networks.

The report, which was done in cooperation with FirstSign, as well says that during VoIP and mobile VoIP are seeing a rise in popularity, the field is in fact at a bit of a crossroads. Part of the problem is that during people are looking to take up moreover mobile VoIP devices and applications, Internet providers are starting to do a bit more throttling of their clients, making it hard to get enough bandwidth for it to be worth using their Wi-Fi or wired Internet connections for that purpose.

The matter of text messages

There is as well the matter of text messages and long distance phone calls. During most cellular providers allow for free long distance inside their home country, international users have found that VoIP is a better service when it comes to calling outside their home country. In other words another issue Internet providers are going to have to reckon with, when it comes to deciding how they are going to deal and adjust to what their clients want and how they are using their connections.

FirstSign believes that these kinds of reports will in fact show providers that they should not try and throttle as much. The report shows that clients are looking for lower cost or even free services and that trying to limit their access to VoIP and mobile VoIP would simply create a backlash.

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