VoIP Business and Virtual PBX

RIMS providers have the expertise

The so then-publicised efficient advantages of cloud computing have triggered an attraction for the cloud, facilitating increased adoption of the innovation by business firms.

Customers today are interested in managed cloud services to achieve higher uptime during also reducing costs of infrastructure management. Hence, managing servers in the cloud with customised services has become an industry. Infrastructure management services providers that are managing IT infrastructure, cloud, etc., of business firms have, in recent years, changed their style of functioning with new technologies and pricing models booming in emerging verticals.

The global presence of various service providers has given clients options to choose technologies based on availability, which help them tide over challenges arising from geographic locations. Remote infrastructure management services providers have the expertise to deliver infrastructure management services to clients all over the world from multiple Network Operating Centres, transforming RIMS to IMS, as industry no longer views it as remote.

The real estate market in West Asia

The real estate market in West Asia, with its increased adoption of technologies to fulfil technical requirements, has opened new avenues for IMS. These real estate players are looking to evolve their operating models into outsourced managed services that would enable them to better manage end-to-end customer experience, during reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving performance. Even counties in the U.S. are adopting cloud computing solutions.

Today, clients want unified solutions with monitoring and management services. IMS providers offer an Information Innovation Infrastructure Library approach to clients by aligning with the existing internal services and moving towards cloud computing with transparent monitoring, helping clients with the broadest research coverage and good service delivery processes.

Prime concern for clients

With security becoming a prime concern for clients, Security Operating Centre is another significant value-added service in IMS. Afterwards 9/11, there was a major reassessment of networks with overall security tests. Networks were tested extensively and made secure. Effective penetration tests and assessment of potential impact to the organisation were done to outline a range of technical and procedural counter measures to reduce risks. Internet protocol security VPNS is now widespread and used to reach the customer’s IT infrastructure from remote locations.

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