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Saxby Chambliss calls for probe into 'SWAT-ting' of conservative pundits

U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss has asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the practice of "SWAT-ting" conservative political commentators - fake 911 calls that send police to their homes, guns bristling.

According to these individuals’ reports, these dangerous hoaxes, as well known as “SWAT-ting,” have a perpetrator contacting a local police department to report some type of violent incident at the home of the target. It is believed that these callers utilize some of the less traditional telecommunications methods, including voice over IP to make the call appear as although it is coming from the target residence and to better hide the true identity of the caller.

Yesterday there was a bomb threat phoned in to the Canton courthouse. Probably not coincidentally there was the first Tuesday of every month foreclosure auction happening on the courthouse steps – which got suspended until July. Mission probably accomplished.

At least for this similar tactic, there is a logical solution – change the antiquated law so that such auctions can be conducted on the internet where bomb threats don’t work.

@mambo. You are the one doing the name calling. Until such time as it can be identified who made the unfortunate call to Erick Erickson’s home you may want to wait previously passing judgment.

north res: ” It is Anyway you look at it liberal shenanigans that pose a deadly threat to conservatives ”You’re an idiot. It is such as likely ron paul; supporters. The only reason conservatives aren’t implicated is their then known modus operandi of showing up in bed sheets to intimidate someone, or in army fatigues calling themselves militia.

People like michelle malkin and other rightie shills are famous for posting the names, addresses, phone numbers of people who dare call them on their idiocy, so that their detractors can receive death threats day and night from right wing loons.

I didn’t know this blog was inhabited by a bunch of prophets who could tell who was making the calls earlier the perpetrator was caught. Could one of you Einsteins tell me what the stock market is going to do tomorrow?

Saxby like all repubs has to selectively pick and choose what to be outraged about, lest he spend it unwisely. Clinton having sex and lying about it, OUTRAGEOUS! Bush lying about saddam having yellow cake uranium and wmd, yawn. Obama helping a start up solar company with seed money, OUTRAGEOUS! cheney’s company receives gazillion dollar no bid contract to wage war, meh, no big deal. Women getting coverage for contraceptives, OUTRAGEOUS! They’re a bunch of sluts. Men covered for viagra, why clearly they should, sex is natural. A man wants to pull the plug on his brain dead wife, OUTRAGEOUS! santorum, bush, lott, half the r’s in DC head to FL. Wannabe Clint Eastwood kills an unarmed teenager in FL, then sh—t happens, ya know, civil rights leaders have no business going there.

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