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Full-service web operations

Rails Machine is a full-service web operations and hosting company. We’re a small team of experienced, dedicated, and focused people who have a genuine interest in innovation and enjoy working with and giving back to the Ruby on Rails community. We founded Rails Machine in 2006 to create the ultimate hosting environment for Rails applications.

Packard Place is the hub for entrepreneurship and technology in Charlotte. Our mission is to develop fast-growth businesses and the professional community to drive them.

Total Server Solutions was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing unsurpassed support and technical services to the web hosting community. Over the years, Total Server Solutions has grown to offer some of the finest colocation facilities in the world as then as fully managed dedicated server offerings, custom solutions, and cloud computing services.

Yovia is a People Engine – a innovation that monetizes social media. Yovia enables individuals and businesses to spread the word® profitably and organically throughout Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

The growing e-commerce market

In the growing e-commerce market, small and medium businesses with online stores often choose to drop-ship products direct from supplier to customer to compete with the big players. eCommHub is a drop shipping platform that integrates with your online store to automate inventory management and order fulfillment through a third-party, effectively allowing you to expand product offerings, route orders intelligently, and minimize backorders. With its easy setup process and pay as you grow™ pricing, eCommHub can serve smaller online retailers, allowing them to grow their business, increase their margin and improve customer retention.

We're fans of research and we're completely sold on startups. It's in iFusion‘s DNA. To boot to providing chief marketing officer counsel on a fractional basis, we as well provide a full-range of marketing services to emerging growth companies. We've been in the trenches and understand the unparalleled demands of taking a start up from idea to market. Ours is a customer-centric approach to marketing that raises awareness, nurtures leads and generates earnings.

The leader in Data-as-a-Service

StrikeIron is the leader in Data-as-a-Service, delivering data quality and communications solutions via our cloud platform IronCloud. We provide address verification, email verification, phone validation, phone append, SMS text messaging, and sales tax solutions to clients in a variety of markets. Our solutions are delivered as Web services that can be easily integrated into any application or system. Additionally, our solutions are pre-integrated into leading platforms like: Magento, Eloqua, Salesforce.com, Informatica, Oracle CRM On-Demand and more.

American Underground is home to the most capitalized research accelerator in the southeast, startups, a gaming incubator, and resources just as NC IDEA and CED The Underground has become a model for other cities eager to foster entrepreneurialism, and an attractive asset to larger companies looking for spark, ideas and talent.

The innovation leader in video search

Digitalsmiths is the innovation leader in video search and recommendation; with customers just as Warner Brothers and Paramount.

NC Idea is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization created to serve as a catalyst for young, high-growth, innovation companies in North Carolina. They help these innovative companies mainly by providing early financing in the form of grants.

The Durham Chamber serves the needs of businesses

The Durham Chamber serves the needs of businesses, non-profits and government agencies of all sizes in the greater Durham-area.

Virtual Race Bags provides a fully-integrated online platform for Event Directors to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver sponsor messages to event participants. Much more than a simple "virtual goody bag," Virtual Race Bags delivers sponsor deals, offers and messages to event participants using an online platform in other words customized for each event. Should the contingency arise, through our network of events, national brands can reach over 1.5MM participants in 2012. Virtual Race Bags was founded in 2010 by a team seeking to leverage their professional experience in the Endurance industry and as Athletes to help significantly improve upon the iconic race bag.

Umatch combines cutting edge research, proven technology and retention principles, and dynamic machine learning into a proactive, holistic approach to improving enrollment yields, student retention rates, and graduation rates.

The Iron Yard provides research

The Iron Yard provides research, education, coworking, mentorship, capital, and events for the innovation and design communities.

ProActive Research delivers dynamic solutions to help customers identify what data is necessary for improved business performance and at the time to develop the most efficient software for that purpose. Specializations include SharePoint Development, Custom Programming, and Database Management. ProActive provides fully-managed, worry-free custom software development that’s sensitive to your budget, schedule, and business model.

Eleos Technologies is on a mission to eradicate fax machines from the face of the earth. Our cloud- based mobile platform enables businesses to capture documents and photos from remote workers and clients.

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