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Senator Asks DOJ to Investigate SWAT-ting Attacks on Conservative Bloggers

ABC News spoke with two prominent conservative bloggers who were victims of SWAT-ting, a hoax tactic used by some hackers to infiltrate a victim's phone system, often through voice over IP innovation to make calls appear as if they are coming from a residence. The perpetrators call police to report a violent crime at that home to which the police respond, at times with SWAT teams.

Just afterwards midnight on July 1, 2011, Patrick Frey, a deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles and a conservative blogger who writes pursuant to this agreement the name "Patterico," heard a pounding at his door as sheriff's deputies arrived to investigate a call from Frey's home about a man who claimed he had killed his wife. Nevertheless no one in Frey's home had been killed, and no one had made a phone call to the police.

Erickson sat at home in Macon, Georgia with his family during his children played outside over Memorial Day weekend when two sheriff's deputies drove to the house afterwards receiving a phone call about Erickson allegedly shooting his wife.

The Bibb County District Attorney's office in Georgia currently is investigating the case and could not offer comment on it.  Asked who he suspected was responsible for the phone call to police, Erickson declined to speculate.

But some conservative bloggers contend Kimberlin and his associates are responsible for other forms of harassment as so then.  Robert Stacy McCain, a contributor to the American Spectator and founder of The Other McCain Blog, wrote about Kimberlin, and shortly afterwards, his wife's place of employment received a phone call from Kimberlin accusing McCain of harassment.  Based on Kimberlin's ability to find his wife's employer, McCain became concerned Kimberlin as well knew the location of his home, so the McCain family relocated to an undisclosed location.

"It's being treated as these are just bloggers playing around on Twitter, however this is serious business.  It's much more serious I think than most people now realize," McCain said.

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