VoIP Business and Virtual PBX
Voice over IP

Setting Up a Call Centre from Scratch

Small business owners are often in search of cost-effective however professional call centre solutions. Call centres no longer require small business owners to acquire expensive network or equipment. With virtual call centres, small business owners can use web-based predictive diallers through call centre hosting companies. This method of hosting is cheaper and more efficient than traditional solutions. Small businesses limited start-up capital can sign up for hosted services and save money. Costs may be as low as $49 per agent monthly.

Use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Innovation. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) research is suggested for modern call centre solutions. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers the most affordable pricing for long distance calling. Traditional call centre solutions are more expensive. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is preferred for call-routing benefits.

Purchase Headsets. The headsets should be light weight and comfortable. The headsets should as well possess noise-cancellation innovation. Detachable elements are preferred. This helps to promote good hygiene.

Select a Location. With virtual call centers, business owners have the option of allowing employees to work from home or setting up an office. If business owners choose to have an office, the office size should be established based upon the number of agents needed. Office space can be rented to host the call center.

Design a Floor Plan. A floor plan will be required to arrange desks, phones and displays. Space requirements will be a major issue. Aisle spaces should be adequate to allow agents to walk through freely and to prevent conversations from blending. Sound-proofed cubicles will as well reduce external noises that diminish call quality and professionalism. All equipment and furniture should be arranged to provide the best call quality available.

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