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Skype denies system upgrade enables in-call spying

Skype has issued a formal denial to reports that it has been allowing law enforcement to listen in on users' calls following a change in its system architecture.

The allegations came afterwards Skype reconfigured its system architecture so that some of the supernodes on its peer to peer network were moved inside Microsoft's data centers. This shift, coupled with a patent for "legal intercept" systems Microsoft was granted before long after taking over the company, caused concern among some that Skype was selling out its users to the Feds.

In El Reg's opinion, Skype appears to be talking sense on this. Shifting part of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider's backbone into Microsoft data centers makes a lot of sense for Redmond, at this stage looking to integrate Skype more deeply into its cloud offerings as it tries to make money on its $8.5bn purchase. ®

More information: Theregister.co
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    Skype Denies System Upgrade Enables In-call Spying