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Skype for Windows Phone gets updated with minor fixes and enhancements

Windows Phone users who use Skype will be happy to hear that Skype for Windows Phone has recently received an update today that’s focused on improving the service’s overall user experience. The minor update to the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) includes improvements to the contact list in the app for Windows Phone. Skype will now display all your contacts that have for the moment one phone number on the list. The update as well now allows users to edit phone numbers using the dial-pad earlier making a call.

A couple of minor bug fixes are as well included in the update. Earlier reported issues just as Skype call ending if an incoming call comes will as well be reportedly fixed. At that time there’s as well the minor tweaking with IMs that now shows a “pending” indicator each time an instant message isn’t sent. The minor updates may not be noticeable, nevertheless that should keep Skype fully functional on your Windows Phone.

More information: Ubergizmo