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Slaying the NBN monopoly

No private player would have spent billions to build new access networks and at the time willingly shared them with their competitors, in the absence of the NBN. So I think "inadequacy #1" in the article, suggesting that there would be wholesale competition in the absence of the NBN, is a fiction. We'd have the same spotty copper wholesale that we have today and no one willing to make new investments without access exemptions.

The author correctly points out that the NBN

The author correctly points out that the NBN, as a business, is like solving the problem of having a tiger by getting a bigger tiger to chase it way. It does, and you're worse off. Sure the NBN will be a better innovation, which is all that some people can see, however it will be a worse furthermore damaging monopoly, preventing broadband prices for falling for generations and by doing so locking more of the poor and disadvantaged out of a good broadband service. And it will be worse against nevertheless when its sold off and goes from being an inefficient unresponsive we-know-whats-good-for-you public monopoly to a greedy we-dont-care-whats-good-for-you private monopoly. The fact that it has far fewer signing up than planned, in the main only those who have no choice or who can afford a super-fast service is proof its on the wrong track.

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