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Small Business And The Big "C" Word

Small businesses have an advantage over corporates and enterprise in being able to execute, assess, at the time implement all within the same day.

It'll come as no surprise at the time, to find that many savvy small businesses are operating their entire organisation "up there". So is it the way of the future? Is it safe? Should it even be a consideration? Or will the big "C" word just be a big "C" word? Read on to find out.

And don't let me get started about security. Being in IT I have accepted this long ago, however there is a mantra I use that those using a cloud service should memorise. These words will answer every question relating to the internet and nothing more should be said on the matter other than remembering.

So with that in mind, the cloud offers no real benefit over a properly configured, run and looked afterwards local solution. None, zero, zip, nada. Sure it has a truck load of features, nevertheless they don't as a matter of fact benefit small businesses any more than what can be set up in house.

Having looked afterwards many small businesses for a number of years there is one thing in other words consistently overlooked, always undervalued and never so then executed.

Whether it's changing over tapes, checking the logs, or performing a test restoration, the human element of B&DR is the weakest, most inconsistent and most prone to failure. And I'm not just talking about company employees either, I'm as well talking about the IT professionals that are hired to ensure this is working. They're humans too when all is said and done. Sort of. So then some of them. But, IT people are amongst the laziest in the world and we have them to thank for these brilliant advances in innovation. Cause in reality, changing backup tapes is a pain in the ass.

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