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Springbrook Software announces Springbrook Community

Work from Anywhere/Anytime Springbrook Community is securely and easily accessed from any internet connection . . . anywhere. Users log-in with their in a class by itself username and password without the need and expense of WAN access to the organization's network. Employees can log in from home or on the road.

SecuritySpringbrook Community cloud customers often experience greater overall security than provided by on-premise solutions. Springbrook has partnered with an industry leader in hosting and cloud computing to ensure the highest level of constant data and application security. All transmitted data is encrypted with SSL 256-bit encryption, and all servers use hardened, patched operating systems behind a dedicated firewall.

Springbrook Community's cloud computing partner maintains ISO17799-based security policies and procedures which are regularly reviewed and audited. Springbrook Community users can as well expect the highest level of physical facility security available for complete and comprehensive security in any situation.

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