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Startup Challenges Microsoft With Completely New Business Computing Platform

Nashville based CrowdPC is launching the first completely new business computing platform in 25-years that moves cloud computing down to the local business level and delivers radically more value than Windows based business systems.Nashville, Tennessee June 26, 2012

Six-year period

Developed quietly over a six-year period, the CrowdPC computer platform has been designed to leap ahead of the 25-year old Windows based approach now used in businesses around the world. Using state of the art hardware and software innovation, CrowdPC delivers PCI and HIPAA compliant security, data safety, all commonly used small business software, real-time off-site backup, and easy connections to smartphones, tablets, and other customer and employee devices at a price of $299.

"We are incredibly happy to when all is said and done be able to go public with this once-in-a-generation computing project," says Jack Campbell, CEO of CrowdPC. "Our global team of project contributors has worked for 6-years to deliver this ground-breaking new platform to small businesses everywhere. To be able to provide all of the hardware and software a business needs for only $299 is a revolution. To do it with complete security and with easy integration of today's sea of mobile, touch, and web enabled devices is unimaginable. This is a value proposition that eclipses today's Windows based systems."

According to Ryan Quinn, the company's lead software developer, the new computing solution combines all new hardware, all new software, and a unparalleled online services system to enable small businesses to have more flexible, secure, and capable computing usability than any current approach, at a cost of pursuant to this agreement $300.

The cloud computing platform down from the Internet

"CrowdPC moves the cloud computing platform down from the Internet and runs it directly inside local businesses," says Quinn. "This provides all of the benefits of cloud computing, just as no software maintenance and regular updates, without having a company's data locked into a proprietary remote system like happens today. All of a company's data remains in-house, as so then as backed up off-site for safety."

The new platform requires businesses to install the company's $299 CrowdPC, a tiny ARM chip-based wireless web server, on the business premises. All of the business's software will at that time run on that small computer, and be accessed by any wireless capable device in the facility — just as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, or desktop PCs. Software bundled in the CrowdPC includes point-of-sale, CRM, accounting, payment processing, and digital signage apps. Additional apps for any number of business uses will be available for download from the platform's online app store. Plus, the system works with existing USB or WIFi connected peripherals used in businesses, just as receipt printers, card readers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, pole displays, and more.

CrowdPC is a Nashville, Tennessee based company revolutionizing small business computing with its inexpensive straightway-generation wireless computer platform.

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