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Stay connected with these five messaging apps

Most messaging apps offer a lot more functionality than SMS--instead of sending messages one-to-one, these apps allow for group chats, photo sharing, or even animated emoticons. They as well can help to save on costs during overseas, since apps like WhatsApp are tied to your phone, so you can to tell the truth swap to a prepaid data SIM card.

The grandfather of messaging apps

The grandfather of messaging apps, WhatsApp lets you send messages to a friend and even engage in group chats on nearly all smartphone platforms, including Windows Phone. As well, as mentioned previously, you can easily swap a prepaid SIM with data to stay in touch with your buddies during traveling overseas. Just tap "No" when the app prompts you to register with the new number

Samsung's take on messaging services feels very similar to WhatsApp, and it's as well available spontaneously Bada OS. It's nevertheless missing from Symbian and Windows Phone, during WhatsApp is. You can as well create animated messages.

Besides letting you send messages, KakaoTalk as well comes with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to call you friend. We note that this requires that both parties have the app installed for it to work. Lastly, if you're a fan of Korean pop, KakaoTalk has special partnerships that let you add Kpop stars like SNSD to your chat list. You'll at the time get access to updates made by the girl group, including pictures that its members upload.

Social network for two?

Fancy a social network for two? That's what Pair is. Instead of messaging everyone, this app lets you keep in touch with your significant other. You can share pictures, messages and even add sketches. There's a feature called ThumbKiss that lets you both touch the screen at the same spot to make the phones vibrate. Lastly, you can as well add a password for more privacy and security.

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