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Super 8 Hotels (China) Selects SQL Server 2012

Super 8 Hotels Co. Ltd, partner of Super 8 Worldwide in China, chose the powerful business analysis capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Super 8 Worldwide is one of the largest operators of budget hotels around the world and operates more than 2,300 hotels globally. Super 8 Hotels manages more than 500 opened and to-be-opened hotels inside of China. The decision to deploy SQL Server 2012 in China enables Super 8 Hotels management to analyze the performance of individual properties and the Chinese business as a whole during also determining the best growth opportunities within the region.

The superior market

"Our rapid growth in China can be traced to the superior market and business insights we have gained from Microsoft SQL Server 2012," said Joe Xu, senior vice president of distribution, Super 8 Hotels. "We can better determine our long-term development strategy."

In order to better analyze increasing customer and staff information following the expansion goal of 1,000 hotels in China, Super 8 Hotels deployed SQL Server 2012 to create a centralized information-sharing and business intelligence platform, aiming to lower total cost of ownership during improving availability, scalability and business insights for its mission-critical environment. Previous solutions forced management to manually gather data from each hotel, which was time-consuming and susceptible to human error. Super 8 Hotels determined that SQL Server 2012 was the security-enhanced, reliable and cost-efficient cloud-ready solution it needed to improve its data management software, which allows managers to collaborate with one another for improved business insight.

The company's concerns

SQL Server 2012 offers several valuable features that help address the company's concerns. For instance, SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn helps ensure high availability of business systems; SQL Server 2012 support of cloud computing allows it to run databases on-premises or in a cloud environment to meet changing business needs; and SQL Server Master Data Services enables the company to create, maintain, store and access the master data structure used for object mapping, data referencing and metadata management.

More information on Super 8 Hotels choosing SQL Server 2012 is available in the case study, and more information about how organizations are turning to Microsoft innovation is available on the Microsoft Customer Spotlight newsroom.

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