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Symantec to Deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service on Windows

Symantec Corp.(NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced it will extend Symantec's StorageFoundation High Availability for Windows and Veritas Volumereplicator disaster recovery software solution to the WindowsAzure cloud platform. Symantec's solution will allow organizations ofany size to recover business critical applications and theirassociated data in Windows Azure when all is said and done of a local failure orsite disaster. The solution will expand the ability of Symantec'sexisting business continuity solutions for Microsoft Corp., providingon-premise-to-cloud disaster recovery as a service.

Organizations are increasingly demanding better protection and morerecovery options, including leveraging the public cloud for disasterrecovery protection. According to IDC's 2011 Business ContinuityMarket Analysis, "Advancements in replication, clustering and servervirtualization software have opened the door to a more flexibleapproach to those architecting business continuity schemes.Given the increased need for business uptime and corporate relianceon information innovation... the role of public clouds within the BCmarket will surely increase(1)." As organizations deal with downtimedue to disasters, storage failures, network issues, maintenance orpower outages, they need an off-premise solution that provides fastrecovery to keep their applications and data available to users.

Symantec's DRaaS solution with Windows Azure will go beyond today'smore common backup to and recovery from the cloud offerings.Symantec's award winning Storage Foundation High Availability andVeritas Volume Replicator high availability and disaster recoverytechnology will enable organizations to not just protect their databut protect their applications as so then. With this solution, ITorganizations will benefit by realizing vastly improved recovery timeand recovery point objectives for business critical applications inthe event of an on-premise outage. Not only will the solution ensurereal-time replication of critical application data, nevertheless it will alsoprovide end-to-end recovery coordination from the data all the way upthrough the application. IT organizations can avoid having to managea DR site themselves and benefit from the cloud services provided byWindows Azure.

Technology from Symantec's market leading Veritas Storage FoundationHigh Availability for Windows and Veritas Volume Replicator productswill form the basis for the solution. With this announcement,Symantec continues to expand its availability and disaster recoveryinteroperability with Microsoft solutions, which includes WindowsServer 2008 R2, Windows Server Hyper-V, and now Windows Azure. Moreinformation on the new solution will be made available at a laterdate.

Supporting Quotes: "In this economy, clients see cloud computingas a new option for flexible, cost-effective computing," said Jean S.Bozman, Technology Vice President, IDC. "Many organizations have beenlooking for a way to automate the recovery of production data -- andto keep important applications running -- when all is said and done of an outagethat has the potential to disrupt business for hours. Leveragingcloud computing as a Disaster Recovery target addresses businesscontinuity needs for organizations that cannot afford a secondarysite or at-a-distance failovers for mission-critical, virtualizedworkloads."

"Windows Azure is designed to provide resilience and availability,"said Walid Abu-Hadba, corporate vice president, developer andplatform evangelism at Microsoft. "Symantec's service aims to extendthe built-in reliability of Windows Azure and help clients recoveron-premises applications and data with a disaster recovery andbusiness continuity solution utilizing complementary research fromboth Symantec and Microsoft."
"Windows Azure is growing rapidly as a platform, and we are seeingmany of our clients utilizing it as part of a new delivery modelfor computing resources," said Deepak Mohan, Senior Vice President,Storage and Availability Management Group, Symantec. "With Symantec'sproven high availability innovation, and Microsoft's cloud platform,organizations can rest assured that their business will keep runningin cases of disasters and outages."

More information: Bloomberg