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T-Mobile, Next 2nd Gen, ICS Updates & Release Dates

The Note fills the void between tablet and phone.  It’s a bit too large to fit into a pocket nevertheless very using for web browsing and ready.  A major feature is the ability use the S Pen for handwriting recognition.

What the at once Samsung Galaxy Note will be like

People are wondering what the at once Samsung Galaxy Note will be like.  It to all appearances will be more like the Samsung Galaxy S III than the previous model. It reportedly will have a 5.5″ Super AMOLED touchscreen and a thinner body and an September release date to beat the iPhone to market. Other rumors suggest an 8MP camera, faster processor and 2GB of RAM.

American Samsung Galaxy Note users are on the whole waiting for the update to Android 4.0 ICS which should be coming before long. European Samsung Galaxy Note owners received updates in May. If a T-Mobile version is coming July, it would help AT&T to have their branded version to be updated.

AT&T has been slow to update their Samsung devices, earlier. Nevertheless this week Samsung Galaxy S II was updated to Android 4.0 via Kies software previously this week. If AT&T follows updates in order of release dates, at the time the Samsung Galaxy Note like as not next.

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