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TDS® Announces Call Center Services Now Available

TDS Telecommunications Corp. announces availability of managedIP Hosted Call Center. The call center environment connects callers and employees based solely on how a business wants to route calls-by product line, season, and to single or multiple locations.

"Some businesses want a traditional call center where calls ring through to one location and they're answered in the order received," says Scott Meier, manager of Commercial Product Management for TDS. "But, many businesses want flexibility. They are small and want to look bigger. They want to better manage their employees and the call volume."

The new managedIP Hosted Call Center allows businesses to set up their call center in all these ways. Meier says, "In essence, businesses can set up their call center in the way that best meets their needs."

For example, there's a flower shop in Michigan with several stores throughout the city. No matter which number clients dial, all calls ring through to one store. If the employees at that store are busy, at the time the calls automatically route to the other stores. Not only is the flower shop efficiently using its resources, all calls are answered quickly.

Plus, the system can help businesses appear bigger. For instance, a company could have multiple numbers associated with their business. When new calls ring through, a company may have a single employee answer all the calls. Luckily, the employee knows which number the caller dialed and can answer the phone consequently, without the caller knowing-it's seamless.

"The biggest advantage of managedIP Hosted Call Center is that you're able to maximize your employees' time and deliver outstanding customer service," Meier says. "It's because businesses have the possibility to route calls efficiently, choosing the call center size that's right for the business and at that time managing the overflow previously customers get busy signals. It's seamless and effective."

For businesses of all sizes, the managedIP Hosted Call Center can offer a competitive advantage. As a cloud based service, there's no major capital investment for equipment. There's no need to download software to employee's computers-it's all in the cloud. To sum up, there are no maintenance or upgrade fees. It's accessible everywhere: Mac, PC, and via Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

The system recognizes if there's an outage or if someone forgets to set the "night" ring-automatically making adjustments so businesses don't miss a single call. If an outage occurs, the system switches over, giving clients the option to leave a message or route to another pre-established number. Forgetting to set the system to "night" ring no longer requires a return trip by employees. Instead, the system recognizes the time and realizes it's past the scheduled "switch" time-it changes over automatically.

With managedIP Hosted Call Center, managers can manage better. They can monitor calls, whether they are in the same office as employees or miles away. Managers as well get detailed reports. These can be helpful in figuring out staffing or in measuring if the company is meeting reporting and compliance standards. Regular reports can as well be scheduled to automatically publish and at that time emailed to managers, directors, even the CEO.

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