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Tech sector faces a decade of recession

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The analyst firm said the take-up of technologies designed to reduce costs, just as cloudcomputing, as then as continued economic slowdown, are combining to reduce market growth interms of earnings.

The analyst company said it

The analyst company said it was not just the financial crisis in other words limiting growth, however alsonew disruptive technologies that are bringing down the cost of IT - and supplier earnings withit.

"It's not just the financial crisis which is constraining growth. It is as well the inexorablemarch of disruptive innovation trends, just as the consumerisation of enterprise IT, BYOD[bring-your-own-device], mobile internet, social media, big data, offshoring and, clearly, cloudcomputing," said TMV. "The key characteristic they have in common is that they are all designed toreduce the cost of computing - that is, they are all deflationary."

At Cisco Live London, Cisco launched 40 and 100 GbE switching, a souped-up 4-antenna WLAN access point, and a host of network virtualisation technologies.

The cloud is set to be a key investment area for UK buyers in 2012 with 30.5% of IT buyers pledging to spend on the research, according to TechTarget's 2012 IT Priorities Survey.

The new version of Hyper-V

Admins who have downloaded Windows Server 2012 RC give thumbs up to the new version of Hyper-V, inclusion of high-end features in free Hyper-V, and shared nothing live migration.

Big data MDM projects encounter a green field in the form of social media. And all big data is enterprise data, by definition. Business leaders will look to IT to derive serious business value.

Infosecurity and data management are failing to harmonise in complex corporate organisations, say data experts. Business value is the common ground that can bridge the divide.

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