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Tencent Database Marketing on Trail

Chinese Internet service provider Tencent Holdings Ltd. attaches more importance to full-platform database marketing in these times.

Data collected by companies with huge users just as it features huge volume, rich variety, low density, and fast change and is expected to become a new technical in the IT industry afterwards cloud computing and the Internet of things. According to some industry observers, it will deliver a strong impact on companies' decision-making, organization, business flow and even people's life style. It has become a trend for companies to cast eye on large-scale personalized marketing and it is a good timing for them to collect data currently. Nevertheless, it has become a focal point how they will consolidate the data.

A top executive with the Hong Kong-listed firm said in an interview that it connected both video and microblogging business with Qzone and the move help the video business own social media feature absolutely. It launched high-quality video contents related to the European Cup this year and this was in fact a marketing launched on the base of habits of users. Based on huge data, it could then know users' network behavior mode and in accordance with such an environment, it created an advertising mode that saw price ratio be higher than the current one.

Liu Yisheng, president responsible for network media at it, pointed out that database provided more imaging room for digital marketing however required digital marketing platform much meanwhile. The platform the market needed most was one with not only strong cross-platform data consolidating ability yet also outstanding marketing strategy output ability. Based on full-platform resources, it worked out the iSEE content delicacy operating strategy and through huge data resources collected in the past over a decade, it so then knew what kinds of videos users actually preferred to also as their common behaviors. The European Cup enjoyed an exposure volume of 2.3 billion times driven by both internal and external advertisings in videos of it while the period.

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