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The Advantages of Using a Managed Network Services Provider

With the rise of cloud computing and an increased demand on IT performance, managed network services is an option every IT department should consider.

The case for managed network services is clear

The case for managed network services is clear, and it falls along two lines: higher return on investment and a better innovation access with fewer headaches.

"Enterprises are deploying a lot more applications to generate revenue or improve business operations," said managed network services provider Spacenet, in a white paper on the topic. "As a result, IT departments are continuing to be more strategic, supporting a greater number of corporate initiatives."

Virtualization, cloud computing and unified access as well necessitate a move toward managed network services. Virtualization, a greater marriage between internal IT and networks, as so then as the need for multiple levels of access, ensured maximum uptime, custom development and enhanced IT support point in the direction of managed network services.

The benefits of using an external network services provider include the ability to offload non-core responsibilities, resolve problems more quickly, save money, improve IT predictability and leverage the economies of scale that come from using a service provider.

Managed service provider for their network

There are several factors companies should consider when choosing a managed service provider for their network, Spacenet said.

First and foremost, does the provider offer a scalable solution that supports small to large, multi-location and multivendor networks? Is it an end-to-end solution with automated processes and procedures? Does the provider offer single point of contact, problem ownership and resolution, optional operating system and configuration downloading, and second- and third-level support in other words available 24x7?

The right provider is selected

If the right provider is selected, managed network services can make a big difference for IT departments looking to keep pace with changing business needs.

More information: Tmcnet
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