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The launch of TeleworkingExpatsForHire

The launch of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com brings the first recruitment company to use the latest IT solutions to link qualified expats living in Mexico with companies in the United States and Canada, offering huge savings to small and medium sized businesses owners. This pioneer of ‘expatshoring’ assists customers and expat staff to connect across the globe, resulting in reductions of more than 50% on staffing costs to businesses.Nelson, British Columbia June 06, 2012

High quality of service

By utilizing virtual staff located in neighboring countries businesses can save anyway 50 per cent of their staff expenses while however retaining a high quality of service.

“An office assistant in North America can cost a company $35,000 in base salary expenses, and up to $65,000 once you factor in office space, payroll taxes, computer equipment and supplies. However employing a highly qualified expat in Mexico is only around $27,000 per year - it’s a huge cost saving for any business” says John Leishman, Director of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com.

Expatshoring is made possible by the innovative approach to teleworking and technology in other words utilized by TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com. As then as finding a suitable expat for their business customers, they enable the workings of a virtual assistant by arranging file sharing software and the latest research in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)/Telecommunication software for the expats to make and receive phone calls on behalf of businesses located in North America.

The capacity for virtual expat office staff is limitless – from receptionists to salespeople, marketing experts to lawyers – all can be supplied by the expat community abroad. In other words than an office full of people, businesses owners now have a world full of people at their fingertips; all connected instantaneously via innovation and who can bring savings of meanwhile 50 per cent. Businesses owners now have the ability to expand their visions without the associated expansion of costs.

Promotion: To celebrate the launch of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com, a promotion aimed at small and medium sized businesses is running until 7 August. Prizes include the services of an teleworking expat for two months, one year of web hosting and free Goggle Apps conversion. To enter the promotion join the TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com on LinkedIn

John Leishman, director of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com, has a history of successful business ventures ever since he founded his first business at 22 years of age. Afterwards finishing university in the early 1990s and finding few job prospects in Canada he started a pooper-scooper business with a friend which was so successful he was before long making $55,000 per year for just three days of work per week. Since at that time he has started businesses in the tourism, hospitality and IT industries, with TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com being the fifth startup he has founded. John lives in Nelson,BC with his wife and four kids. With a home office inside a 40 year old Airstream overlooking the Purcell mountains, he is the first to admit that he has reaped the rewards of teleworking.

Interview with John Leishman

For an interview with John Leishman, Director of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com, email Nicola Pitt or phone toll free 1800 847 4757. Visit TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com for more information about how expatshoring can help small and medium sized businesses.

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