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VoIP Innovations Wholesale DIDs' Now Available on the IPsmarx Platform

VoIP Innovations, North America’s Premier Wholesale VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) carrier, announced its API integration with IPsmarx multi-tenant IP-PBX and calling card platform. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Innovations provides the industry’s largest VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) DID footprint. Their DIDs’ are used by the leading VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Service Providers and can be easily provisioned through the industry’s leading backoffice, Titanium III.Pittsburgh, PA July 12, 2012

The Titanium III API into their platform

IPsmarx has integrated the Titanium III API into their platform. By doing this, IPsmarx clients can now easily provision VoIP Research DIDs, e911, CNAM directory and more. This functionality provides more automation in the IPsmarx platform and makes it very user friendly. With the rapid growth in VoIP services, a full turnkey solution from the best of breed providers has become more attractive. Rapid deployment and lower barriers to entry will provide a lucrative business possibility to many that are looking to enter this field.

VoIP Innovations and IPsmarx, two of the leading providers in their respective fields, have been enabling providers for many years now. These providers include service offerings just as residential, business, calling card, PINless, Mobile VoIP, and international calling services. Both VoIP Innovations and IPsmarx plan on exhibiting at the ITEXPO show in Austin, TX in early October. VoIP Innovations will be launching its Titanium III API version 3.0 which will include some new features just as international DIDs’ and Email to Fax service.

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