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Vox.io Takes on Skype, Offers Free Calls From Your Web Browser

With the number of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services available today, it’s hard to greet but another one with excitement and interest. That said, Vox.io manages to be the rare VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that in point of fact does bring something radically new to the table – something that makes it a legitimate alternative to Skype, and not just another spin-off. It’s not necessarily better, however it is different.

Vox.io is a browser-based VoIP service in other words also available as an iPhone app. First, you create a Vox.io account, which grants you an individual link that serves as your user name. Those individual links will look like vox.me/(username), so they’ll be short and business card/resume-friendly. You can use Vox.io to contact other Vox.io users, any mobile numbers or landlines, or send texts.

Contact lists and social network contacts can be integrated with your Vox.io account. As well, since Vox.io is browser-based, you can embed video, audio, and images from multiple sources into the conversation or into texts. Those trying to contact non-Vox.io users can send call links via email, text, Twitter, or Facebook. When the recipient clicks on those links, they will be taken to a browser page with accept and reject buttons. Accepting initiates the “call.” Should a user miss a call, they’ll receive an email notifying them.

Many will be reluctant to leave behind their entrenched Skype contact list, nevertheless those who frequently need to make VoIP calls from one of many computers should love Vox.io, a service that makes your account easily accessible, no matter where you are. Vox.io to Vox.io calls are free, during local and international calling rates to mobile phones and landlines are nevertheless comparable to those of Skype. And, if you’re nevertheless attached to your mobile phone number, you can choose to display that when making a call, so the recipient will recognize that the caller is you. Vox.io seems like a bright up-and-coming start-up that as a matter of fact manages to find its own niche in the VoIP competition.

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