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Which Internet Companies Protect You From The Government

Earlier this year, Twitter was subpoenaed for the account information of an Occupy Wall Street protester. It has resisted, nevertheless would other online companies do the same? If you break the law, in many cases, the government is going to turn to the digital services you frequent — Facebook, email, your phone carrier — to find evidence. Yet will those companies go to bat for you? The Electronic Frontier Foundation has put at the same time a comprehensive report detailing how and if, big web companies defend you when the government calls.

They analysed email providers, social networks, and cloud computing firms to see whether or not they yield to Washington or stand for the public. From the EFF:

We looked at their terms of service, privacy policies, and published law enforcement guides, if any. We as well examined their track record of fighting for user privacy in the courts and whether they’re members of the Digital Due Process coalition, which works to improve outdated communications law.

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