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Why small tablets will dominate the tablet market

It's hard to believe now, however experts used to argue about whether there was room in the space between a phone and a laptop for any kind of consumer electronics device.

Sure, we've seen lots of phones at these prices and below. Nevertheless phones require wireless service, which brings the total cost of ownership into the many hundreds or thousands of dollars for the life of the device.

Mobile broadband connection

Wi-Fi is becoming far more ubiquitous now because people are using personal hotspots -- features that let several Wi-Fi connections piggyback onto a mobile broadband connection.

The new Google Now and the newly improved Google Voice Search, both new to the Jelly Bean version of Android and first launched on the Nexus 7, suggest the killer app for small tablets: the virtual assistant. They're both so fast, accurate and uncannily insightful that people will want to to use them all day, every day.

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