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WUN on the Run Provides the Business Center Manager a Turn-Key E-commerce Platform Allowing Them to Sell Their Virtual Packages Online

WUN Systems leverages the combined power and reach of the cloud and e-commerce to increase the workspace's cyberspace revenue.

WUN Systems, Inc. a workspace research provider with headquarters in El Segundo CA, and New York, NY, recently released WUN on the Run to leverage the combined power and reach of the cloud and e-commerce to increase the workspace's cyberspace revenue. WUN on the Run provides the business center manager a turn-key e-commerce platform allowing them to sell their virtual packages online.

"Wun on the Run brings the executive suite owner fresh revenue opportunities to attract new clients with services beyond their four walls," says Dale Hersowitz from WUN Systems. WUN on the Run allows the workspace owner and operator to minimize its meeting room use by enabling online booking and scheduling. "Managing, billing, and tracking the expanded customer base is evenly seamless, using research to minimize costs and workload," continues Hersowitz. WUN on the Run includes WUN Cloud, WUN Meeting, and WUN Virtual 2GO, a white label e-commerce platform.

WUN on the Run's cloud computing elements saves the business center mangers time and money during keeping them updated with the latest research needed to stay competitive. The executive suite manager can deliver its customers a hosted solution suite designed exactly for the executive suite client. "WUN on the Run provides onsite and remote business center customers a complete range of enterprise-grade research services including hosted Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, web hosting, online files storage, remote backup services, server monitoring and anti-virus protection," explains Hersowitz.

Also part of WUN on the Run, WUN Meeting allows business center managers to easily manage and schedule their meeting room capacity. WUN Meetings eliminates inefficiencies and costs associated with scheduling, booking and updating meeting facilities. This translates into minimal operating costs to support the meetings function, better capacity utilization, and increased business center client satisfaction in the workspace.

Virtual 2Go, the third element of WUN on the Run, provides workspaces the possibility to sell Memberships, Virtual Offices, Offices, Meeting Rooms, Cloud Computing Services and more online. Built exactly for workspace providers, this white-label e-commerce platform easily sets up with minimal capital and human resources. V2Go as well streamlines and expedites collections by capturing payments online through automatic customer credit card billing, with proceeds going directly into the workspace's checking account.

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