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Xtelesis Offers Improved Virtual PBX for SMEs

Xtelesis, a major provider of virtual PBXs and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions, revealed that by establishing partnerships with communication companies including Vidyo, LifeSize, and Shoretel, the business now offers the best business communication solutions, services, and software to their clients. This helps them to build and uninterruptedly revamp their networks.

By offering a wide range of services including real-time communication services and mobile VoIP solutions, Xtelesis is enabling companies to integrate their networks with ease and flexibility at a cost-effective price.

Based on Internet protocol, the company’s voice solutions power much better quality offerings than traditional phone systems. It specializes in the implementation and set up of virtual PBX (Private -Automatic- Branch Exchange) hardware, hosted VoIP management systems, and SIP voice lines. Just in case to this, it as well provides the best video communication services which replace and reduce the low quality video systems of the past and seamlessly integrate high definition and realistic quality video conferencing.

Xtelesis’ newest product, the Mobility 360 Program, targets its all new demographic of business members, the mobile employee. With the help of the mobility solutions provided by partners just as AeroHive and Shoretel, users can in substance take their offices with them wherever they are.

Seamless extension of communications

These mobile unified communications are a seamless extension of communications and applications to mobile devices which offer the same capabilities as PCs and desktops.

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