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2600hz Launches New Service Kazoo BETA

 Building off the success of their flagship product Whistle, cloud communications company 2600hz today announced their newest service Kazoo BETA, a visual PBX (Private -Automatic- Branch Exchange) with a complete suite of enterprise features powered on Kazoo, their distributed cloud telecom platform. On the back-end, Kazoo provides an API toolset giving developers full access to integrate and control all features of the platform. With both offerings, 2600hz enables users to control and customize their own communication systems from the browser.

In an environment where hundreds of new companies are born every day, young companies struggle to appear legitimate when facing potential customers and users. Kazoo eliminates that problem from the communication standpoint.

Short introduction to the interface

"Afterwards a short introduction to the interface, we exactly according to instructions never hear from the customer again. Kazoo keeps our call load down, so we can cut back on support hours. Learning a PBX in 30 minutes would be impossible with any other provider because the Kazoo interface is completely drag and drop. It doesn't get easier than that. We're showing the customer specifically the same tools we're using, and they love it," said 2600hz customer Joseph Mordica, CEO of Comtel Connect.

Kazoo BETA gives end users the power to visualize and edit their own communication system. It's complete with drag and drop call flows, auto-attendant menus, conference bridges and over 40 standard VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) features just as voicemail-to-email and dynamic caller ID.

The professional look

"New companies often need the professional look and feel early on that enterprises attain only afterwards years of being in business. With Kazoo BETA, businesses can use one system to gain all the necessary enterprise features or rather than using a makeshift combination of free conference call bridges, Skype and personal cell phones," said co-founder and CEO Darren Schreiber.

Unlike other free services like Google Voice and Skype, Kazoo doesn't limit the user to a softphone since a majority of today's users on the whole use a physical desktop phone at work. Any device-cellphone, analog phone, softphone or VoIP device can be connected to Kazoo. "We are as well giving developers backend-as-a-service APIs to the features of the system that they can use as the building blocks for their applications."

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